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Planning a NJ Home Renovation -10 Easy Steps

Posted by Bonnie B, LLC on Sep. 17, 2013


Grab a pen and paper.  Here are some thoughts before you start!

1. Visit sites like Houzz.com for ideas. It's today's way of thumbing through design magazines.

2. Start a 'wish box' printing photos of design features that appeal to you.
3. Think about colors. How will the palette work with your current home design? Are you looking to be bold or more traditional?
4. Ask friends, relatives and colleagues for references. Sometimes a good (or bad) reference can save you time, effort and headaches.

5. Schedule an initial consultation. Often you can get a sense about the company, how they interact, how accommodating they are and whether you can work with them successfully or not.
6. Ask for the contractor for references and be sure to follow up on them.
7. Visit the contractor's website. It should convey the same personality as the company owners.
8. Don't be afraid to ask for design help. Unless you're extremely savvy, and many folks have talents in other areas, you don't want to guess on what a design might look like. Professionals are happy to work with you. Remember, they do this all the time.
9. Gather samples of paint and stain colors, flooring, fabrics, surfaces, finishes and put them all together. Study the look and feel of the room you're creating. Make your mistakes on paper.
10. Ask for a professional proposal detailing the project, timeline, and associated costs.

A home renovation can be very costly, but well worth the expense. It is certainly more affordable than moving most times.  The comforts of your home envelop you in a calm, wonderful place in which you can live, work and enjoy your family.  You're worth it!

Good luck with your renovation plans!
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