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Planning Your Finished Basement Project For Your NJ Home

Posted by Bonnie B, LLC on Jan. 08, 2015

Contact_G_and_L_and_Sons_about_your_Montclair_NJ_finished_basement_project.So you're ready to finish your basement and truth be told, you're really not sure where to begin!

Often a basement is called a 'dungeon' and hasn't realized it's full potential.

Starting out with poured concrete floors and cinder blocks or even with much older homes, a dirt floor, the prospect of making this dark, dingy area a vital spot in your home might seem ridiculous, out of the question, unimaginable...

BUT, the good news is, it's not any of these things!

Planning a renovation project can be often confusing, difficult and overwhelming to say the least. Initially one would:

  • Come up with a reason for tackling the project
    • As children grow up they need an indoor "play space"
    • The addition of a Nanny to your household may require more living space including a bedroom and bathroom
    • Are you a "crafter?"
    • A finished basement can provide a place to create!
    • Need an exercise room or gym in your home?
    • Your finished basement can be your own private health club - no membership fees!
    • What about a home studio?
    • Why go out to a movie theater with all the available new pics on line.
    • With a large flat screen TV, the right seating and some popcorn, you're all set!
  • Define the parameters of the project
    • Available space
    • Useful purpose
    • Financial resources
    • Return on investment

Here are some thoughts on finished basement spaces. 

We're back to that stage of any renovation where your needs, wants and wishes become defined.
This is the time to start making a list, pull out that sketch pad and start dreaming.

So, where do we start?
It's easy today to go online and start searching and find pictures galore on sites like Houzz.com, Pinterest and more...You can start planning your project this way.

Watch HGTV, or some of the "Crasher" shows on the DIY Network for ideas, too.

Speak with friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers. Perhaps they'll have a thought that hadn't occurred to you.

BUT...Truth be told, the best starting place is to plan out your renovation project with a local professional. One that will take care of the "heavy lifting" and bring in people to handle all of the demolition and construction and before you know it, the room(s) will begin taking shape.



While it may sound unbearable, and unavoidably difficult. Home renovation projects can be fun, so long as you stop for an occasional reality check!

The amount of space that you will reclaim and add to your home will be well worth the painstaking process, and the value added to your home a win-win, no doubt!

Good luck!

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