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Apr. 12, 2017

How To Organize Your Custom Home Renovation

You've waited a long time to start your renovation...

Get a head start on organizing your project before you begin!

You hope, wish, plan and dream of a major renovation in your home. Then, one day, that dream comes true and you're ready to get started. Here are some important planning steps. 

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May. 31, 2015

The Laundry Room Has Arrived...

The laundry room: A space housing a washing machine, dryer, and clothing rack or cord strung across the room for drip-drying.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it's actually not.

Let me take you down memory lane to my experience as a young mother with oh-so-tiny clothing to launder for my first newborn baby girl. With extreme care I pre-spotted every stain that the bibs she wore didn't catch, and made sure to only use the purest laundry detergents (sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it?) to keep her garments clean. And it was fun to do...dresses that were no taller than 8 or 10 inches, in the most beautiful shades of pink in the softest of cotton with matching socks, tights and 'fancy ruffled panties'. While our baby napped I'd find myself in the laundry room and sure enough, by the time she rose from nap time, my laundry time was done...at least for that day.

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Jan. 08, 2015

Planning Your Finished Basement Project For Your NJ Home

So you're ready to finish your basement and truth be told, you're really not sure where to begin!

Often a basement is called a 'dungeon' and hasn't realized it's full potential.

Starting out with poured concrete floors and cinder blocks or even with much older homes, a dirt floor, the prospect of making this dark, dingy area a vital spot in your home might seem ridiculous, out of the question, unimaginable...

BUT, the good news is, it's not any of these things!

Planning a renovation project can be often confusing, difficult and overwhelming to say the least. Initially one would:

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Oct. 06, 2014

Planning A NJ Kitchen Renovation

In our busy lives, we often don't take the time to plan renovation projects, they just kind of creep up on us without much warning. One day you're preparing dinner for your family, and then next thing you know, your oven won't maintain temperature, you notice a leak under your kitchen sink, the ice-maker stops producing ice and, well...you know the rest, don't you? 

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Aug. 25, 2014

Choosing a Tile Layout for Your Bathroom Remodel

So, you're ready to remodel your bathroom and the possibilities are absolutely endless. Your first stop is to visit Houzz.com (You can see some of our previous renovation photos here, too!)

But, now you're sufficiently confused and overwhelmed, and if you haven't had any remodeling experience or don't have design savvy, your best best is to contract a local remodeling contractor. 

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Jun. 14, 2014

10 Steps to a Successful Kitchen Renovation

You've looked through dozens of design magazines, watched numerous episodes on kitchen remodel projects, and you're ready to start planning your dream kitchen.

Beginning a kitchen renovation can be a very frightening experience for many people. 

Where do you begin? What inspires you? What's on your 'must have' list?

Here are some steps to help you plan a beautiful kitchen renovation.

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May. 01, 2014

Choosing a Paint Color: How Color Impacts Your Room

These palettes may simplify the process and give you insight into how to choose a paint color. Choose the paint color that feels right to you.

Remember the box of Crayola crayons you had as a child? If you were anything like me the delight of having 64 perfect colors lined up neatly with even points was a dream! I could choose my favorites easily and use them to create wonderful drawings, always coloring within the lines. The problem was that I found my favorites shrinking in size and height. Why? Because I used them all the time. They made me smile. They made my drawings pretty. Choosing a paint color for a room in your home should do the same thing. It should make you smile when you enter the room, enveloping you in the warmth of its glow.

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Apr. 30, 2014

Highlight: A Montclair NJ Home Remodeled by G&L and Sons

When a homeowner embarks on a large renovation project there are many decisions to be made.  This project started with the focus on the kitchen. The homeowners often entertained family and friends and wanted to create an area that would allow for guests to sit around and chat while the preparation and final touches of great meals were done. Special attention was paid to creating a welcoming atmosphere.

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Feb. 26, 2014

10 Question to Ask Your Contractor Before You Start Remodeling

You've saved, dreamed, planned and now you're ready to start your your home remodeling project.  You're excited, nervous and apprehensive... So how do you get started?

Maybe you've done many a renovation in your home, or perhaps this is your first. You want to be smart about it,  and insure a perfect outcome. 

Suffice it to say, I'll guess you're a little concerned too.

So, let's talk about the important questions you should ask your contractor.

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Sep. 17, 2013

Planning a NJ Home Renovation -10 Easy Steps

Grab a pen and paper.  Here are some thoughts before you start!

1. Visit sites like Houzz.com for ideas. It's today's way of thumbing through design magazines.

2. Start a 'wish box' printing photos of design features that appeal to you.
3. Think about colors. How will the palette work with your current home design? Are you looking to be bold or more traditional?
4. Ask friends, relatives and colleagues for references. Sometimes a good (or bad) reference can save you time, effort and headaches.

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